What are the SoRetro Upcycled Auctions?

Inspired by our customer who chose to remove old, stock straps from their bags and purses that were replaced by our SoRetro Straps, the SoRetro Upcycled Auctions were created as a way for us to turn these removed and discarded straps into useful products that are periodically auctioned off on our website with the proceeds from these auctions going to charity.


How do the SoRetro Upcycled Auctions work?

Any usable straps that are sent to the studios will be repurposed into usable, functional SoRetro keychains and then auctioned off periodically.


Do I get anything for sending in a strap to be upcycled?

Anyone who sends in a usable strap for this cause will receive $5 in SoRetro Rewards Tokens to use towards a future purchase. The purpose of this reward is not to give compensation for the straps sent in, but to act as a reimbursement for the shipping costs incurred to send the straps to us.


How do the donations work?

All proceeds from our SoRetro Upcycled auction go to a chosen charity which will change on a regular basis. When we say all proceeds, we mean that! Whatever the auctions close at is what gets donated, minus any transaction fees and shipping costs. We do not retain any earnings from these auctions!


Where can I send my strap to be upcycled?

Please send all straps intended for upcycling to:

SoRetro Studios
953 18th Ave SW
Vero Beach, FL 32962


How do you choose what charities to support?

While we reserve the right to choose which charities we will ultimately support, we will be putting up polls on our SoRetro Straps Owners’ Association Facebook group to get feedback from our customers that are participating in this program.


How do the auctions work?

SoRetro Upcycled Auctions follow the similar rules to our regular auctions. To learn more about how we operate our auctions, please visit our SoRetro Auctions page.


Where are auctions announced?

Auctions are typically announced on our SoRetro Straps Facebook page, the SoRetro Straps Instagram, and on our private SoRetro Owners’ Association Facebook group.