Webbing is the back or underside of a strap. The majority of our straps require webbing, and those that do give you the option to choose which color and material you’d like. We currently have 68 options available.

Many of our straps we call “Wovens” and don’t require webbing because the pattern is woven into the material and shows through on both sides. If you’re looking at a strap on the website and it doesn’t have a selection for webbing, it’s a strap that doesn’t have webbing.

Aside from color, our webbings come in two different materials. We have a Poly webbing that we call “Slickie”, and a Cotton webbing we call “Softie”. 

Poly Webbing

Our Poly webbing is known as our Slickie webbing, and will have more of a slidey feel, kind of like soft seatbelt material (not stiff or hard like seatbelts, but along those lines!) It will slide on your shirt a little better, and is preferred by many who tend to move their purses or cameras or guitars often while wearing crossbody.

Cotton Webbing

Our cotton webbing is known as our “Softie”. It’s a woven cotton that has a nice soft feel to it. It stays in place against your clothes and doesn’t slide.