SoRetro Auctions

Program Overview

This document has been created with contributions directly from our SoRetro Owners Association members. Thank you for all the help! 🙂

Why auctions?

All of our products are handmade and handcrafted in-house, by us! We make unique, artisan products, many of which are one of a kind. We typically produce only a few bags a day, by choice. If we were to list them as “Buy It Now,” they would be sold immediately, which can be upsetting and frustrating if you don’t happen to be online or available at the time we list them, or they sell within minutes.

Our online auctions provide a platform for us to offer our limited products in a format that gives everyone the opportunity to potentially own a bag. We’ve also structured our auctions with overtime bidding to prevent auction sniping and help take the stress out of trying to beat the clock.

What the heck does FYG mean, anyway?

When we started making our bags, it was just Alicia making them. FYG was originally FYG squared, and stood for “For You, Girl. From Your Girl.” However, Dave quickly jumped in and learned how to make our FYGs, too, and we also have male customers who love our products. So, FYG now means both “For You Girl (or Guy), From Your Girl (or Guy).” We like to call them Fyggies!

FYGs, Pouches, Keychains…What’s the difference?

Pretty much all of our handmade leather goods are put up for auction due to the limited supply.

FYGs, our line of leather crossbody totes, are typically listed nightly, and as early as possible. They usually end at 9:00 PM Eastern, but do occasionally close later. We have three sizes of FYGs — Perfect (formerly Original), Mini, and BYGGIE (currently very rare!). Exact measurements are listed in the details of each auction.

Pouches, which range from small, wallet sized to around fanny-pack sized, are listed in larger batches. Each pouch is unique, as we try to use as much of our leather as possible and minimize waste. Occasionally, we will have pouch auctions where all the proceeds go toward a charity we have chosen.

Our Upcycled Keychain auctions are made from leather straps that are donated to us and are also generally listed in batches about once a month. Since the straps are donated to us, proceeds from all keychain sales will go toward a charity of our choice. For more information on our Upcycled Keychain Program, or if you have a leather strap you would like to donate for future Keychain auctions, please check out this page on our site for all the details!

Can I just buy a bag without having to bid?

We will sometimes offer bags as a Buy It Now during a special event that happens once a month, called The SoRetro Select. Those go REALLY quickly, as in within a few minutes, if not seconds, so if you want to participate, you need to be ready and waiting to click and buy! The Selects are what used to be a monthly group of items (including straps, pouches, AND bag combos!) that we’ve chosen to make and list as limited edition items. Due to longer production and turnaround times from orders, we only do Selects when time allows. Click here for more information on our Selects releases.

Additionally, there is a SoRetro BST (Buy, Sell, Trade)  group on Facebook, where previously purchased bags will go up for sale by their current owners. We do not have any control over the prices or shipping within the BST group..

Charity Auctions

From time to time, and sometimes without any notice, we will offer up items to raise money for a selected cause or charity. All proceeds from these auctions are donated; however, we do deduct payment processing fees as well as shipping, when necessary.

We request that you do not use your SoRetro Rewards Tokens for charity event items. The value for the redeemed tokens is not added to the total cash donation. We want to donate as much as possible. So, please save your tokens for use on regular items. Thank you.

We always try to research, to the best of our ability, each charity that we choose to donate to. If you have any legitimate concerns regarding the charity we have chosen, please reach out to us via our SoRetro Facebook page.

What are the prices of the auctions?

Our auctions typically open up at the following prices.

Opening Bids

Perfect FYG – Opens at $300

Mini+ FYG – Opens at $250

Mini FYG – Opens at $250

BYGGIE FYG – Opens at $350

FYG Hip Packs – $175+

The ending auction prices of our FYGs varies greatly and is very difficult to give an estimate on.

Auction History

We have been leaving our closed auctions online and viewable for at least 30 days; although, we may change this in the future without notice.

When looking at a closed and completed auction listing, you can scroll down and see the bidding history and closing prices. We use :):):):):):) for the names randomized and obscured to protect our customers’ privacy! All the bags’ closing prices are listed on the very top line, so you can see the amount paid by the winner.


Having “overtime” on our auctions prevents sniping and gives everyone a chance to bid instead of trying to beat the clock. Bid sniping is when someone waits to place a bid as late as possible, which does not allow other bidders a chance to outbid the sniper.  

Typically, any bids in the last 3 minutes of the auction will extend the auction closing time by 3 minutes.

Not worrying about the clock means having time to think about it and bid accordingly. Sounds weird at first, but it’s great!

Account Verification

We reserve the right to verify our auction participants if they are new customer and are not affiliated with our group. We will typically request this info via email and request a photo of your driver’s license.

Typo Bids

There is a confirmation window that shows you EXACTLY the amount you are bidding. PLEASE read it before confirming!

We take our auctions very seriously and having to remove bids because of people not paying close enough attention is not ok and not fair to everyone participating.

If an error is made and the price of the auction is affected, we will make the adjustment to the max bid made in error to the current price on the listing. For example, if an auction was currently at $275, and you entered $3000 by mistake instead of $300, and it caused the auction to shoot up to $450, we will adjust your max bid from $3000 to $450.  

PLEASE SLOW DOWN AND PAY ATTENTION!!! You won’t lose out on an auction by taking your time…that’s why we have overtime.

Custom Matching Leather Ends

Most FYGs will come with a pre-selected strap with matching ends. We allow the purchase of one additional strap with matching leather ends per FYGs you own. Additional straps with matching leather ends are based on availability. There is an additional charge of $15 for straps with matching leather ends. This is the only way to purchase a strap with leather ends from the hides we use for our FYGs, aside from the occasional SoRetro Select that may be listed.

Winning Pouches and Other Auctions

Once you have won an auction, you will see a message saying “You have won!” Add your win to the cart and check out! It’s very easy!  We offer payment by Square, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and the ability to split up your payment into smaller monthly payments with Afterpay™. We also accept Apple Pay and Google Pay!

***Add Screenshot

Payment for an auction win is due immediately upon winning. Yes, you’ll have time to get your card out of your purse or wallet if that information isn’t saved to your account!

How do I know when it starts and when it ends?

Auctions can start at any time. For the latest auctions, please be sure to join our Facebook group: SoRetro Owners’ Association, where we share pictures of the latest bags and pouches just before they are being added to the auction page!  You can also check the auction page on our website: as new auctions poplulate with the end time thoughout the evening.

How does the bidding work?

Just enter what you’re willing to pay and click “bid”…that’s all there is to it!

The auction format allows customers to enter in their max price, and then  the auction system will automatically bid in $5 increments (or $2 for Pouches and other items) until their max bid is reached.

How do I know if I’m the High Bidder?

It’s best to look directly at the listing page. It will show you if you’re the high bidder. Do not trust that you are winning because the high bid is the amount of your max bid!  Don’t forget to refresh the page often! REFRESH! REFRESH!! REFRESH!!!

Is my bid ‘binding’?

Yes, all bids are binding. The confirmation window will show you exactly the amount you are bidding. To ensure fairness to everyone participating, all bids must be binding.

The consequences for not paying for an auction may include, but are not limited to:

  • Banned from participating in any/all future auctions, and from making other purchases.
  • Removal of all SoRetro Rewards Tokens.
  • Removal from all private Facebook groups.
  • Exclusion from future events, promotions, and/or giveaways.

How does the max bid work?

When you enter your max bid, the system will automatically bid in set increments ($5 for FYG, $2 for Pouches and other items) until your max bid is reached. Once your max bid is reached, you may enter another max bid and the system will continue to bid in the set increment.

One thing to be aware of, in the case of matching high bids, preference will be given based on the earliest time the bid was placed. For example, if you bid $200 at 3:00 PM, and someone else puts in a max bid of $200 at 5:00 PM, the current high bid will be $200, but the current high bidder will be the earlier, 3:00 PM, bid.

Can I bid on more than one item?

Yes!  You can bid on as many items as you want; however, keep in mind that the ending times may be at the same time, or different times.  Watch the clock to see what time the items you are bidding on end.  Remember that bids within the last three minutes will extend the clock an additional three minutes.  

What about Add-ons?

Magnetic closures can be added prior to checking out. This will delay shipment and will come with an additional cost.

What’s with all the Mystery craziness??

Occasionally, we will post a Mystery FYG, pouch, or other item as an available auction. Sometimes we’ll post a Mystery and not say anything about what it is. This means that the bag (or whatever you’re bidding on) is a mystery to you! If you win, we will make the bag (or other item) for you, taking into consideration your preferences
if we know them! We will check if you’ve won an auction previously to ensure you’re not getting a duplicate. A great way for us to get to know you and your preferences is to join our SoRetro Owners’ Association group on Facebook!

What is the Choose Your Own Adventure FYG?

We will occasionally list a “Choose Your Own Adventure FYG.” This usually consists of a few pictured bags, from which you get to choose one to be your own adventure! The colors in these listings usually fit a theme in some way.

For example, our “Choose your Own Beach Adventure.” We will list your available choices in the auction description, which can include, but are  not limited to:

  • Size
  • FYG color
  • Handle color
  • Hardware color

As the auction description states, you will list your choices in the notes for the order. Additionally, no custom strap request can be submitted with these auctions. A surprise strap with matching leather ends and hardware will be included.

SoRetro Rewards and Auctions

Our Rewards Tokens can be earned and redeemed with most our auctions listings. For more information, check out the SoRetro Rewards Program page where we have all of the program details outlined for you!