SoRetro Holiday Fundraiser 2022


This item is for one entry into our SoRetro Holiday Fundraiser 2022. Winner will be drawn during our live stream on Sunday night, December 18th.

For every $100 raised we will add one Strap to the prize pool. If we raise $1000 total, we’ll add a FYG Pack…if we hit $2000 total, we’ll add a FYG!!! There will also be some Dazzle Designs purse charms in the pool!

As usual, 100% of the proceeds will be donated to our chosen charity.

You may purchase as many entries as you like, just increase the quantity below. Each entry can only win once, but an individual may win more than one item.

All entries will earn SoRetro Rewards Tokens! However, you can’t use tokens to purchase entries. Afterpay will also not be accepted for entries.

Entries will close at 12pm/noon on Sunday, Dec. 18th. We will do a live stream Sunday night at 8 or 9pm EST on our Twitch channel to announce the totals, draw the winners, and probably do some other rando giveaways. You do not need to be on the live stream to win, but you will miss out on any live giveaways we do.

Shipping will be included for winners.

We have not chosen which charity to donate to yet, but don’t be fooled by our funny gif. Unfortunately, The Salvation Army does not have the best charity rating, so we’ll choose a better one.

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