What’s the deal with SoRetro Selects!?

Each month (when able), I will make a limited number of straps of my choosing, which will then be listed on the website about two weeks after that month’s ending (mid-next month).

I call this monthly collection the SoRetro Selects. The idea behind it is that they are my pairings, my choices, and they allow me to express my creativity in my process – something I truly enjoy and really miss from my makers shows and arts markets!

– Alicia

What's Special about Soretro selects??

Custom Signature Plate

Each SoRetro Select strap comes with a limited edition signature plate.

SoRetro Select Certificate

Every SoRetro Select comes with a special certificate of authenticity signed and dated by Alicia.

Limited Edition Sticker

Every monthly release has its own limited edition sticker only available if you get a SoRetro Select.

Is it really as crazy as i hear????

YES!!! It’s really as crazy as you’ve heard!!!

We typically release 30-45 items, and they typically sell out in less than 5 minutes!!

Strategies to score a Select!!

  1. Be logged in to your account on our website!
  2. Be on the SoRetro Owners’ Association Facebook group, as the most up to date communications regarding the releases is posted there.
    SoRetro Owners' Association

  3. BE READY if you want to snag something up! Like. Pause the TV, hide in your bathroom, lock the doors, mute the phones. Tell everyone in your house to leave you TF alone.
  4. If you have a server time out, just refresh or try another browser. DO NOT MESSAGE OR CHAT OR PM OR CALL OR TEXT US! First of all, we will not answer (sorry…) and second of all, by the time you realize that we’re not answering you, all of the items will likely be gone and you’ll miss out and then you’ll be upset. This is not personal, but we won’t be able to help. Keep in mind that if the site isn’t working for you, it’s probably not working for anyone else.

Things go VERY fast! Like in minutes. Not everyone will get everything they want. It’s just how it is.